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Ken Knox Tim Glaid
Ken Knox Carpe Diem

Looking for the right primer?

Have you ever wondered what separates high performers from average performers?
Have you wondered what it takes to move from average to extraordinary?
The answers to both these question will surprise you. The difference between high achievers and everyone else is that the high achievers focus on what is important and ignore what is not.
This short book will help you identify what is important and help you focus on moving from average to extraordinary.
Ken Knox Carpe Diem

A practical primer for those professionals who wish to supplement their income by teaching at the college level.


The book is based on the careers of Dr. Tim Glaid and Dr. Ken Knox, who share inside tips and advice for preparing for a career as a facultypreneur.


Readers will benefit from the practical, straight-forward approach to securing and keeping lucrative adjunct teaching assignments.


A start-to-finish road map for aspiring adjuncts, “Put Me in the Game Coach” is an invaluable handbook for anyone wanting to build a career as a facultypreneur.

Ken Knox Tim Glaid

Carpe Diem

Put Me In The Game Coach

About Ken

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Ken Knox has held every position from bag clerk to CEO. If you ask him, Ken will tell you that he has lived the American dream, over and over again.

A successful entrepreneur and business owner, Ken's achievements in business have inspired two books and numerous people whom he has trained in seminars and workshops as well as taught in undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs throughout the Midwest.


His resume and business accolades are vast, however it is his family that he treasures the most (with the Cleveland Browns coming in a very close second - just ask his wife, Pam).


Ken and Pam are the proud parents of 5 children and live in the small Ohio town of St. Clairsville.  They enjoy spending time with their growing family of grandchildren.

When Ken isn't teaching, speaking, or consulting, he is usually reading up on his beloved Cleveland Browns.  A season ticket holder, Ken is adamant he will be there when they win the Super Bowl.


Ken's happy place is the beach, any beach. 

Ken Knox
Ken Knox
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