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Deliberate Action is Strength in Action. What is Weakness in Action?

Take a position of strength. Don’t be weak.  Weakness of attitude becomes weakness of character (Albert Einstein). Humans have been talking about strength and weakness for ages and both are equally argued in a positive and negative spotlight, however strength stands tall as the driver of performance. 

It’s commendable for one to recognize and be open to their weakness, as it allows another’s strength to lead the way.

A strong action is a deliberate action. To be deliberate, it must have been deliberated over. A decision was made to carry out the action. That is stronger than consequential action. Consequential action is simply action as a consequence. Consequential action is weakness in action.

Think of your own health as it pertains to eating. You buy somewhat healthy options at the grocery store therefore your eating is consequently healthier than someone who didn’t purchase healthy options. Now, compare that to someone who deliberately purchases specific foods for specific meals and does weekly meal prep. That is a very deliberate action. Who do you think is stronger at eating healthier?

Same principle applies to other dynamics in our life. Those that are deliberate take a position of strength. Those that deliberately work hard to learn more about their industry out perform those who stop learning once they get the job. Those that deliberately work at their marriage enjoy a stronger relationship with their spouse than those that just assume everything is good.

In fundraising, deliberate action separates EXTREME performance from moderate performance. Those that deliberately plan their fundraiser based on a blueprint for success enjoy more success than those that just rally behind a cause.

What can you be more deliberate about in your life?

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