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The 3 Silent Sales Mechanisms that will Make or Break Your Business

A beautiful sunset. A spider appearing from nowhere. A winter snowfall. All 3 of these are human experiences without any sound yet all three compel most humans to take immediate action. Who doesn't snap pictures at beautiful sunsets, run from (or squash) spiders, or make their way outside to play in the snow?

Would you believe me if I told you there are 3 silent salespersons that every business has? It's true - there are three silent but very compelling elements that every customer facing business has.

Signage. Signage doesn't make noise but it speaks volumes to prospective customers. It tells customers what you're all about; it tells customers what they can do (or should do) with your business; it encourages your customers to come in, buy more, and to return for more, if you allow it.

Smiles. Smiles are welcoming and give off warmth. Smiles express emotion without making a single noise. Smile right now and tell me how loud it is. You can't hear a smile if you tried yet it tells a customer everything they need to know about your business.

Smartphones. Caught you off guard with this one, didn't I? Smart phones make noise but if used correctly (on silent) they can add tremendous value to your operation.

Smartphones can connect with prospective customers in ways that the humans at your business can't. They facilitate social engagement, enable real time communication, and ensure seamless customer experiences without making any noise. If you have a "no cell phone policy" you should give it back to 2007 and start engaging like everyone else in 2017.

Is your business compelling prospective customers to take action? Put your 3 silent salespersons to work for you and you'll reap the reward.

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