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Do you have a SALES TEAM or a team of clerks?

In the movie 300 King Leonidas is questioned by his friend for bringing only a handful of men compared to his friend's massive army.

Leonidas responds by asking three of his friend's soldiers what their profession is, to which they respond potter, sculptor, and blacksmith. Leonidas then turns to his army and says "Spartans, what is your profession?" In unison, with command, the Spartan soldiers respond with their battle cry. Leonidas gives one of the best quotes of the movie with "You see old friend, I brought more soldiers than you."

Carrying a sword and shield doesn't make you a soldier just like a title and script doesn't make you a sales professional. There is a big difference between trained sales professionals and clerks. Here are 5 things to look for to determine if you have a trained Sales Team or a team of clerks.

Strategy - A sales professional understand the importance of strategy. They make calculated moves to ensure a favorable result for both the company and the customer. Sales professionals measure the success of their actions and behaviors to ensure consistent improving performance.

Attitude - A sales professional brings a positive, growth oriented attitude. Sales professionals have a natural desire to get better, regardless of their current state. More on growth attitude here.

Love - That's right, love. Sales professionals LOVE the sales profession. Whether it's competing for the business, the commission check, or passion for the product, sales professionals love what they do. Sales professionals are sales professionals by choice.

Energy - Plain and simple, sales professionals have the vitality for sustained physical and metal activity. Closing a sale can require you to think and move in ways you haven't before. Sales professionals are prepared for this.

Solutions - Sales professionals are problem solvers. They solve problems to close sales. Clerks pass problems up the ladder or look for someone else to solve. I'm pretty sure the word "workaround" was created by a sales professional.

If your team isn't strategic, growth minded, passionate, energetic, and solution oriented, you have a team of clerks. Who are you taking into battle with you?

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