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Preparing for Surgery? This 8 Letter Word will Determine Your Fate.

Doctors will tell you everything you need to know but one thing is certain, they speak in facts. If it’s not a fact, they won’t say it. Doctors don’t blow smoke or exaggerate, they keep it real and they do not deviate from reality.

Doctors have your well being under control but there is one thing they can’t manage for you - your ATTITUDE.

Your attitude is your choice; you choose to have a positive or negative attitude. Choosing a positive attitude isn’t just choosing to be all smiles and positive oriented in your talk, but rather it also includes the positive mental reinforcement you provide yourself before, during, and after your surgical experience.

Telling yourself that everything will be OK if you put in the necessary work is having a positive attitude. Following up with yourself to do the necessary pre and post surgery work is having a positive attitude.

People with positive attitudes are not entitled. They know they have to do work to achieve an outcome and they are more thank OK with it, in fact they embrace it! Your positive attitude isn’t visible by your thoughts or words, it’s visible through your actions.

I remember the recovery after my third surgery being extra difficult. I would walk laps around my neighborhood to gain momentum in the recovery but I had a major setback that nearly ended my life and put me back in the hospital for two weeks. It was my attitude that carried me thru that time (with the loving support of Stephanie and my family).

I remember returning home after the setback. I got right back at it! I put on some of my favorite rock music and went back to walking. Was I scared, sure. Was I hesitant to push myself, of course. But, I understood I had to keep going and I was OK with it. I held myself accountable to recover and be well, and that was a very positive outlook.

Truth be told, I haven’t always had this positive attitude. A 6 minute YouTube video changed my life forever and I’m glad I watched it several years before this surgery. Want to know what video it is? Get a hold of me and I’ll tell you!

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